Election Committee

The 2020 Election Committee members are: Edward Hung (Chair), Pindy Gill, and Shawn Leslie

2020 BOD Nominees



Holly Zhang   Holly Zhang

Holly Zhang has over 25 years of experience in information technology development, business analysis and adult education.

Ms. Zhang actively involves in the business analysis community through teaching for the business analysis certificate program, presenting at conferences and mentoring fellow business analysis professionals.

Ms. Zhang has served multiple positions on the IIBA Vancouver Chapter Board helping advance the BA profession and serving the local BA community.

It has been my great pleasure serving on the Chapter Board over the years, helping build the Chapter while gaining valuable leadership skills. The Chapter and the Board have accomplished a lot and have a potential for greater excellence. I want to continue to support the Board to implement the strategic plan, help develop leadership skills of Board members and lead the Chapter to more successes.

With extensive knowledge and working experience serving on the Board, my commitment and leadership skills, I am confident that I can contribute to the success of the Board and the Chapter.



Rob Adams   Rob Adams

Robert Adams is a Senior Business Advisor at WorkSafeBC. He holds a Master in Business Administration with a specialization in Strategy (2012) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (1998). He worked internationally in financial software for many years, before returning to BC to join WorkSafeBC as a Business Analyst in 2012. In December, 2019 he passed the CBAP exam.

"I have been looking for ways to become more involved in the IIBA. For many years I have enjoyed the IIBA speakers, social events, and the study group which assisted me in studying for the CBAP.
In January, my six year term finished as a board member of the Vancouver Ultimate League Society (VULS). The league is the largest in the world, with over 6000 members, 4 full-time employees, and a budget of $1 million. I served one year as Treasurer and 2-years on its Finance committee with the goal of providing financial oversight for the society.
I am excited to run for the IIBA Treasurer position because it aligns with my skillset and experience, and in this role I can help the IIBA Vancouver chapter move forward with it's mission."  



Yvonne A. Petkovic   Yvonne A. Petkovic
A Senior Management Executive with expertise in the areas of Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Administration Management, Contract Management, Client Relations, Strategic Planning and Implementation. Recognized for exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills, analytical abilities, organizational acumen, drive, dedication, vision, and ability to create efficiencies and profitability to increase company market value.

Two years ago I decided that I had time to give back and offer my time. In my previous experience I have hired Business Analysts and wanted to be a part of growing awareness for this profession. As an incumbent, I want to continue with the organization and see the fulfillment of the strategic plan developed by the current President and team.
In addition to my current consulting work, my recent positions have included that of CFO for a national Employee Family Assistance Program for over 10 years and VP Finance & Operations/Secretary Treasurer for an IT company (funded by PM Paul Martin’s CAPE Fund - Capital for Aboriginal Prosperity and Entrepreneurship). I have (i) ran and coordinated Board Meetings and (ii) presented to, and liaised and worked with Boards and its Members.  

VP Communications 


Dhananjay Mani   Dhananjay Mani

Dhananjay Mani graduated with an MBA and MS in Analytics from Louisiana State University and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology respectively. He is also a certified SAFe Product Manager. He is a Business data Analyst currently employed with CGI Inc, Burnaby, BC. He has been working in the Business Data Analytics domain across several industries for more than 10 years. In this position, he is not only responsible for technical or non-technical responsibilities but also leading the internal and external communication activities with several clients and stakeholders. He has been actively associated with IIBA since 2014 and he had volunteered for both IIBA Indianapolis local chapter and IIBA Vancouver local chapter in the past. He was also a very active member of non-government organization KIWANIS International from 2012 to 2018 where he helped KIWANIS raise funds for kids.

Dhananjay Mani is running for the VP of communications because he is passionate about the BA community and wants to contribute towards taking our BA community to the next level using his prior work experience and communication skill sets. He believes he may help develop communication strategies that may help advance the IIBA Vancouver local chapter’s effort to catalyze a broad impact on BA and non-BA communities through the sharing of effective ideas and practices. He is technically sound in several communication technologies that will help him accomplish VP of communication’s roles and responsibilities. Prior to running for the VP of communication position for the IIBA Vancouver local chapter, Dhananjay Mani volunteered for the IIBA Vancouver and Indianapolis chapter in the past because of his interest in helping the BA community and also help spread awareness about the BA community. He was also a very active member of non-government organization KIWANIS International from 2012 to 2018 where he helped KIWANIS raise funds for kids.  
Peter D Riddell   Peter D Riddell
A cross discipline professional with the ability to create high performing teams by guiding members to own their personal and professional development. Creating learning opportunities, allows team members to pursue academic programs and certifications. I have taught Business Analysis, Project Management and Risk Management certifications with many successes. Holding a B.Tech in Forensic Investigation, MBA in Digital Technologies Management, PMP, CBAP, CISA, CISM, CRISC and pending doctoral degree in business, I thrive by learning. The best way to learn is to have our own views constantly challenged, to share knowledge and to employ new ideas in a two-way feedback process.

The family Feud Answer (Canadian Edition).
We asked a 100 Business Analysts why Peter is running for IIBA Vancouver Chapter VP Communications, and the survey says (only five could be correct):

1. To get a top new 500k job with car and free internet in the corner office suite.
2. To better learn about governance of self-funded non-profits.
3. To give back to the profession and IIBA.
4. To fight COVID-19 Cabin fever as I have no fingernails left.
5. I have reached the end of Netflix – there is no more content left.
6. To help grow the IIBA Vancouver chapter, which has done amazingly well!
7. To help others complete the online renewal process, can be challenging .
8. To work with a team of professionals on a shared goal.
9. Get free appetizers, sneak unused diet Pepsi home (hard to do virtually).
10. To rewrite the CBAP exam every week just for the fun of it.

Folks who answered, 1,4,5,9 and 10 do not get to steal from team B.

In all seriousness, this is a great opportunity for me to surface after my doctoral studies and reconnect with the IIBA network, to learn governance and to help where I can with all roles. The focus will be on member communications and to assist the VP Membership, other VPs, and President to grow our group, earn more funds for future events and to continue as the best IIBA Chapter.

VP Marketing 


Roann Liew   Roann Liew

Roann is a Business Consultant and Business Analyst with over 10 years of global cross-cultural work experience in North America and Asia Pacific. She leads cross-functional teams to drive business transformation through user-experience process improvement, strategic initiative planning, leadership, and partnership engagement. Roann has a Master of Business from Trinity Western University, with a focus on leadership and business management. She has advised on transformation projects in IT, financial services, education, government, infrastructure, and private sector governance processes. Roann lives and works in Vancouver and can be found on the weekends rowing and hiking in the BC outdoors.

In addition to leading the current marketing volunteer team, I look forward to collaborating with the current Board members to integrate membership and communications with our marketing efforts.
Critical to the new strategic plan at IIBA Vancouver is engaging members with strong branding. My communication and collaboration skills, along with my capability as an effective liaison with senior leaders, will contribute to the delivery of new and planned marketing initiatives at IIBA Vancouver. With my business operations background, I will assist in translating tech speak for our non-technical stakeholders and engage our wider BA community.
I look forward to coming onto the board as your volunteer VP of Marketing and to transform and improve IIBA Vancouver for our chapter members.

VP Partnerships


Jaya Tunuguntla   Jaya Tunuguntla
Jaya previously served as the VP Communications for the IIBA Vancouver Chapter, updating the website content, publishing events, and sending out mass emails to the community. He is an experienced enterprise business analyst, project manager, and architect. He effectively manages teams and leads successful projects; drives business strategy, analysis, design, development, implementation, and operations. He has expertise in various industry domains, with passion for integrating the capabilities in serving multiple horizontal and vertical markets, providing comprehensive quality and value. He is competent in intercultural and interdisciplinary interaction. He also demonstrates leadership, professionalism, and composure.

Jaya’s interest in the VP Partnership stems from the conversations, interactions, and inferences during his time as VP Communications. IIBA Vancouver Chapter represents some domains of knowledge and capability. One of his aims is to understand the overlap and/or disconnect among academic offerings, industry needs and views, and the professional association governing the capability domain. Another one of his aims is to increase the collaboration among academia, industry, and professional associations (e.g. ACMP, PMI, etc.) towards increasing the opportunities and activities available for the community of related practice professionals.

Jaya will also be seeking support from volunteers and community members towards increasing the reach, refining the approach, and forming stronger meaningful partnerships.