Download Presentations, Slides and Other Material from Events

2018 Presentations
Paradox Surfing -  A Business Analysts' Practice for Leveraging Transformation Success (Dr. Linda Miller) - Feb 22

What Business Analysts Need to Know about Cyber Security (Kin Kwan) - Jan 25

2017 Presentations

What BAs need to know about Data Science (Derek Belyea) - Feb 23
How to write User Stories and what you should not do (Bob Cook/Stuart Ashman) - March 30
Transformational Leadership in the Millennium Age (Linda Miller) - April 27
Venn Diagram of Business Analyst and Project Managers (Eric Bin) - May 25
Understanding the Worldview (Andrew Rose) - June 22
Introducing SAFe (Darren Radford) - Sep 28
2017 AGM presentation - Nov 23

2016 Presentations
Essential Leadership Skills for BAs (Li Yang & Chaminda Jayasekara) Jan-21.pdf
Developing a Business Case (Hossam Saleh) Feb-18.pdf
The Journey from Finding to Implementing a Rule Management Tool​ (Kristen Seer) Apr-21.pdf
Estimating Value to Deliver Value - Experience Canvas (Dave Sharrock) May-12.pdf
Adding Change Management to a BA Skill Set (Alexander Stanisic) Jun-16.pdf
Real Analysis Agility (Jim Brosseau) Sep-15.pdf

2015 Presentations

The Value Manager (Steve Adolph) Feb-19.pdf
The Perfect Deliverable (Kristen Seer) Mar-19.pdf
BA Pride (Marsha Wiliams) Apr-16.pdf
BABOKv3 - It's New, It's Big, It's Here May-20.pdf
Nobody Reads Anymore (webinar) Oct-09.pdf
Coaching (Cynthia Roney) Oct-29.pdf
2015 AGM Presentation Nov-25.pdf
Essentials of Business Architecture (Roger Burlton) Nov-25.pdf

2014 Presentations

BA planning (Andy Kowalewski).pdf
Business Intelligence (Ryan Rigby).pdf
Influencing Formula (Elizabeth Larson).pdf
Role of BAs in Large Complex Projects (Ivan Rincon).pdf
Modeling Business Processes Business Rules (Gladys Lam).pdf

2013 Presentations

"Please Sir, May I Have Some More?" (Features, that is) (Pamela Hollington).pdf
Project Change Form Template (Pamela Hollington).pdf
Project Change Checklist (Pamela Hollington).pdf
Business Assertiveness Skills (Pam Paquet).pdf
So you want to be a change lead (Evelyn Rutherford).pdf
The Power Bestowed (Connie Siu).pdf